When Democracy is Victorious

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  1. Democracy......just the mention of the word gives shudders to the so called "intellectuals" that live off the fat of america and western europe and call for its downfall. I love that word !

    Democracy is breaking out all over !

    Remember Japan, Germany, 60 yrs ago, dominated by evil rulers, rebuilt by the United States into what they are today, better than ever in their history. Japan in a depression is better than Japan under a dictator. Germany better than its ever been period. Now eastern europe is being rebuilt, better than ever. Afghanistan is being rebuilt. Iraq is soon to be rebuilt better than ever in its history.
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    absolutly. for all the bitching and whining the rest of the world does about us we do the right thing. How many other countries in history have gone about rebuilding the countries they went to war with without annexing them? Then, leave with a very firm foundation to grow as a country and people. The world owes a lot to America, much more then the world gives us credit for, probably more then some of us give credit for too. The examples you sited are perfect.
  3. The big fallacy, is that we don't actually have a democracy, we have a "representative" democracy.

    How may of us actually voted to go to Iraq?

    There is a big difference between pure democracy and representative democracy.
  4. I have made that comment myself in the past, but it just shows how spoiled we both are. Its not perfect, its just the best there is.
  5. this was posted on another thread:

    "Some Dictatorships can be better than some Democracies.
    Some Communist states can be better than some Democracies.
    Some Socialist states can be better than some Democracies."

    Ha ! Total contradiction of the entire of history of the 20th century! Astounding that any literate person born and raised in a western country could believe this, but there it is in black and white. This is the position of the anti-american propaganda machine right there, this is the enemy in their own words.

  6. So now it is trendy to act like a moron instead of an intellectual?? How clever.

    PS - Optional, you said it buddy...all representative democracy does is allow deep pockets to get "more" representation in govt. I'm with McCain on this one...
  7. Don't we have a representative republic not a democracy. "and to the republic for which it stands".
    A true democracy is basically mob rule. Canada is closer to a democracy as their senate is not elected but appointed, therefore the less populated provinces have little or no say where in the USA the elected Senate makes sure that all states at least have some representation.
  8. Absolutely correct.

    That's why our bill of rights and constitution provide ground rules. The whole reason why our country was created was to allow us to have the freedoms we didn't have in England. The more important question is what kind of democracy is installed in Iraq.

    The only problem is that money has gotten so deeply rooted in the political process that legislation isn't from the people anymore. In effect, our elected representatives can't "afford" to represent us anymore because they won't get the $$$ they need to run elections if they don't push the agenda they're told to.

    That sucks.
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