when day trading...

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  1. dafong


    is it better to follow a small group of around 5 stocks or have a large watch list and trade where the action is?

  2. I day trade bond futures and forex, not stocks, but I believe the same concept applies: Less is more!

    I normally don't track more than 1-2 instruments during the day. Having a big watch list always causes me to become undisciplined and make random trades.
  3. I trade about 2000 stocks
  4. ITR2744


    I second that... it's better focusing on 1, 2 maybe 3 ibnstruments than having the whole screen plastered with little charts from a big watchlist...
  5. ITR2744


    :eek: so you have a list of 2000 stocks and every day you select the ones (How many?) you are going to trade?
  6. 50_Bip


    I agree - I just trade ES and TF, and sometimes NQ.

  7. Depends what you do.
  8. ITR2744


    sure, but if you trade the instruments actively during the day I really think lesser is more...
  9. bespoke


    i've traded 704 different stocks this year so far. watch about 1000. i just apply the same strategies across all of them

    but i know guys who trade just a few stocks and they do quite well too. whatever fits your personality the best
  10. lpchad


    Simple support and resistance on the ES. Makes my living.
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