When children of the rich burn 100K USD for fun.

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  1. http://www.tmz.com/2012/05/28/francesca-eastwood-death-threats-burned-birkin-bag/

    This means taxes definitely are out of whack for the 1% 100K is a lot of money to pile up and burn in a bonfire as entertainment.

    Defiantly indicates a misallocation of capital in our economy. 100K is like 4 years of income for the average joe.

    100K in the hands of a middle class person would do much more for the local economies.
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  3. I don't know. The bag is only worth $100,000 dollars because someone is prepared to pay that. That is more disgusting than burning it. That is the real crime and the thing they are really trying to highlight in their art in my opinion.
  4. She bought the bag didn't she? Then she put 100k into the economy. Who cares what she decides to do with it once she owns it.

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    All the ad sales it's generating for fashion blogs.
    The increased traffic at Hermes stores.
    Her boyfriend has offered to donate a 100,000 to a charity (which will probably get more visibility)

    Her actions will probably generate a lot more than 100k for the economy.
  6. Crazy. It's her money shes burning not yours, dont be envious
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    $100,000 for a bag!

    That's both hilarious and extremely sad at the same time.

    Wonder how many girls are upset that one of their bags is worth only $50k, I'd bet there are more than a few.

    Very good chance now that sometime over the next 5 years we'e going to be looking back at all this sort of madness and wonder where it all went out of control, $100k bags, $100m apartments/houses and so on.
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    It was done to draw viewers to their new show. I'm sure they know the Trashdashians just got a new $40M deal, and the Eastwoods are just trying to feed the brain dead viewers what they want. It appears the stunt was successful, because the girl has gotten death threats and jealous folks are posting about it on ET.
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    So we need to tax the rich 95% and then the guberment will handle it better?

    ROFL!! The guberment is the BIGGEST waste of money in the history of mankind!!

    Liberals...please worry about yourselves instead and then exit the Country and go to france.
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