When Can I Short Google??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Comanche, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. I Trade Commodities for a living and loosley follow individual stocks. I am itching like poison ivy to go short google via ATM put options. Anyone trade this stock on a daily basis? And what is your expectations? Thes guys seem extremely vulnerable to me.
  2. Bowgett


    Short when fundamentals start to deteriorate. Right now they are improving.
  3. Earnings on Jan 31. Last year it tanked 20-30pts AH.
  4. StasDesy


    Now. Buy a dozen of feb puts.
    GOOG has formed nice double top and will probably slide 20-30 until it releases news on 31 Jan.

    I currently hold them and will reduce my position as it falls every $10.
  5. moise


    See chart to spot where I would start shorting
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  6. ehsmama


    Short as soon as you think you have made more money for the year than you need. It is in an uptrend.
  7. Agreed. The path of the least resistance is still up.
  8. dac8555


    agreed. formed a double top. couldnt break resistence at the 52 week high.

    I am short from 506.
  9. Very interesting, I just went through all the holdings of the officers and directors of google, most of them have sold completely out of their holdings including SERGEY BRIN!! As you should know, quarterly earnings are not nearly as important as annual earnings of their fiscal year which googles ended dec 31st. So wit earnings due at end of month amd this set being audited, I am furthering the notion that google is a dog that has already had its day. Why would one of the founders be completely cashed out now if there was still good growth possibility??

  10. I vote we ban the idiot.
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