When buying your canned goods for the bunker, do you prefer peas

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. or carrots?
  2. If you mix peas with carrots you get a parrot.
  3. Canned peas and carrots suck. In fact, almost all canned foods suck except for legumes (lentils, black beans).

    Hook that bunker up with a bad boy 1000 gallon diesel generator and just run one freezer, and store some fresh flash frozen veggies.

    Trust me - when the Apocalypse rains down, you'll be eating better than just about anyone.

    If you can stick a propane run cooktop down there, you'll be golden. Maybe even a brick oven for some nice brick fired pizzas, too.
  4. sho-tim


    Enjoy your frozen vegetables.
    I'll be having caviar.

  5. trendo


    I did not know that. But I have heard that if you combine a penis with a potato you get a dictator.
  6. i dont know what you'd get if you mixed a parrot with a tiger, but if it talked, you'd better listen.

  7. wtf? How did they get the fish's head to mutate like that.

    Those brilliant bastard geneticists.

    That looks oddly delicious.
  9. You must be an economist.