When Bernanke speaks he reminds me

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  1. of when I was a kid reading in public.

    His voice sounds weak and nervous. True or is it just me? If it is, it really doesn't help the feds to have him up there at this time....

    On another note, I noticed Bloomberg has a 1-2 second voice delay against CNBC.
  2. Wow.. How can the "second most person in the world" not able to speak in public? Are you kidding me? This might not be an issue for some people, but it is very obvious.
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    He's definitely not yet comfortable speaking in public, and the uncertainty of his comments from week to week do not inspire a lot of confidence.
  4. Surdo


    He needs some sort of public speaking coaching or a digital voice enhancer to get ride of that. He does not sound too confident.

    At least we had no idea what Greenie was saying since he has marbles in his mouth.

    Maybe Ben needs marbles!
  5. perhaps the best public speakers are "actors"...though he has slipped on word selection some...i nominate GW Bush for an Oscar...

    actions speak more than words...

    Stephen Hawkins couldn't recite poetry if it was written in one syllabal words...though he knew his stuff
  6. He is an economist not a politician or and actor. I think most of us would be nervous giving uneasy news to the country that nobody wants to here.
  7. He is an economist put into a leadership position. He should learn how to speak with confidence and certainty.
  8. Howard of Mayberry on the outside, Andy Griffin on the inside.

    Can't believe we finally have someone at the Fed who knows what he is saying.

  9. I agree that he sounded really nervous and given his already long history of public speaking it probably won't improve.

    The media have not made a point of it so far but if they do, it could spiral into something damaging.
  10. Do you guys think he might actually be reading these boards? Is this a possibility?
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