When being Long is so easy, why fight the tape everyday?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hairdresser, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I think it is fear.
  2. So most of you want people to suffer for being long or "being stupid."

    I find it very rewarding imagining all these ETers sweating it out every rally.

    Get it right and make money, it's that simple.
  3. The advance/declines have been over +2000 all morning. I have a rule that doesn't allow me to short in this. I don't want to turn in to a TOP picker. Staying with the trend or heard may seem 'easy' but I'll stick with what works.

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  4. You know when a hairdresser is huffing and puffing about how easy trading the mkt is from the long side, it's a HUGE SELL SIGNAL

  5. Keep shorting or are you already getting killed? I remember you were always negative the market.

    How does it feel?
  6. Big up move coming....

    Look for the shoe vomit trade.
  7. I can't stand seeing Obama's face on tv. Thank god for dvr and married with children.
  8. Shows how little you follow my posts, I've said time and again I trade both sides without bias. I day trade and that's all.

    I'm just making the fairly standard observation that when blue collar types start spewing mkt advice, the run is about over :D

  9. S2007S


    What are in and buying right now?

    Bought more FAZ, RFN and QID today, sold off the last of my FAS.
  10. Wouldn't hairdresser be a pink or lavender collar worker? lol
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