When Barrel strikes 200$

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Robertx, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Robertx


    Does anyone has any vision how ho cope with that kind value of barrel.

    It has bees estimated to be around 200$ next spring.

    Where to invest?

    Any good links?

    Any ideas?
  2. buy oil. 500 barrels a pop.i agree- when that sucker breaks 75 - could be a party. plus - iran is going to go to the matress in some form some time which will make oil go boom!
  3. Robertx


    It seems that monday we shall see that price hits 80$, so it's not far from 100.

    I wonder why us gowerment is so worryed abot irans, now really, whye they would want war?

    It seems to me that only one who wants war in bush.

    Why anyone hasn't thougt that Iran would need those powerplants, bacause oilwells are drying?

    There is no more oil to spend, because of peakoil?
  4. Why would anyone in his right mind pay $200 for a BARRELL?
  5. Robertx


    Good point! Not propably in right mind pay that, but the price is going to be there soon.

    Have you heard that the era of cheap oil is over, that now we are era where we going to realize that.

    So, if there is less oil isn't it obvious that it gets more expensive?
  6. the world consumes 85 million barrels of oil a day.

    maybe with outrageous prices - we start to consume what 10-20% less???

    so answer is - lots of people will pay 200$ a barrell. oil was at 10$ a barrell very recently and people still consume at 75$
  7. Pabst


    The chances of crude tripling in price from these levels anytime soon is remote/impossible. I'd say oil has revalued itself to $70 a barrel and that trades roughly ten dollars below/above that price are to be faded. At least for now.
  8. En Amerique, where most of you obviously aren't, at $70 le baril we are making oil out of pigshit. So don't talk to us about $200 oil.
  9. You honestly think Iran only wants it for powerplants? Take into account what their leaders are spewing every day about destroying Israel. You're in denial.

    While I don't advocate an attack in Iran, I wouldn't exactly be against it either.

  10. if the shit goes down with iran - i could see 200$ oil in a heartbeat. they have the second biggest oil reserve in the world. and produce 5 or 7 percent of our daily supply

    imagine what removing that from the world market would do....plus - tell me if it got really ugly they couldnt take some of iraqs supply offline....
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