When are we going to wise up and call the health care industry the SCAM that it is

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  1. Of the $50 billion in loans automakers are seeking, half would be for health-care spending, and the rest for general liquidity that could be delivered in different ways, including short-term borrowing from the Federal Reserve, said a person familiar with the matter who asked not to be identified because the plan isn't public. In return, the companies would be willing to take steps such as granting stock warrants, the person said.

    Hospitals and doctors are bleeding Americans dry.

    Long past the time for the feds to step in and put and end to it.
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    Not the hospitals and Dr.s my friend. Try the insurance companies.
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    There's a few problems with Medcare

    1) Malpractice Liability should be capped.

    Currently, its unlimited. This causes ridiculous insurance rates that are passed on to the patient.

    2) Med Schools create artificial scarcity and prop salaries by limiting enrollment and graduates.

    Applicants with 80 to 85 averages are turned away. Because only 90+'ers get in.

    3) Drugs are expensive.

    Most drugs are patented in the US. Therefore, access to generics is restricted.

    Basically, the US shoulders the R&D cost of Global Pharma.

    Not sure what can be done here.....

    4) Americans are generally fat, lazy and unhealthy.

    This doesn't help.
  4. You want to know the problem, I'm f**king paying 230 a month just for myself so I can go to a doctor at most 5 times a year(insurance caps it), otherwise I might be paying 450+ a month.
    Thats why people stay on on F**king medicaid and work off the books. Or don't get married legally bec. the wife (and kids) need healthcare.
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  7. Step 1

    Tell the illegals that show up at emergency rooms to go back to Tijuana to get their hemorrhoids treated.

    Same for their 7 kids.

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    A great place to start fixing real problems is to attack immigrants? I guess people really never do change. If you could offer some stats on how much these "illegals" are costing the system maybe you might be taken more seriously instead of just a being taken as a racist. Are you a Native American? Otherwise I am sure some where along the line your family at some point came here from another country too.
  9. When are we going to wise up and call the health care industry the SCAM that it is

    Some of us did, about 20 or more years ago. Problem is, no one listened. Imagine that!

    Of course, charging exhorbitant rates is not good enuf for some hospitals and clinics 'on the dole'. They see fit to routinely, one may even deem it as 'modus operandi', to charge the gov triple, or more, their already inflated prices, thru a simple act of 'multiple-billings' for the same 'treatments'. (see Pschyc Hospitals of America, about a decade ago).

    And then, if that were not enuf, how about Tenet Healthcare, (how about that for an oxymoron), they're the ones that routinely, yes, you read that right, routinely, purposefully performed unneeded and unwarranted heart surgeries, all for the sake of billing for high-dollar procedures.

    So, don't talk to me about 'good doctors' or anything related to the state of 'healthcare' in this country...they are all overpriced in my opinion, which fits in with their over-inflated egos.
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    I really don't have any problem with med schools only taking the best of the best and requiring 90's to get in. When they start to practice anything less then 100 can kill people.
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