When Are we going to deal with issue of ET addictiveness

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by triggger, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I ordered some Kratom. I'll post here if it serves as a good replacement for ET.. oh wait....
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  3. Tums


    same here.... spending way too much time reading Alex and Anek...

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  4. Hello, my name is ChaosNSX and I am an ET addict...:)
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  5. I bet most et addicts also have other addictions. Top of the list has to be porn, followed by alcohol, drugs. Damn that got me thinking I wonder how many sex addicts there are here.
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  6. jd7419


    I don't really know any good traders who aren't addicts.
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  7. There are people with brain injuries that are addicted to brain injury forums, go figure.
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  8. From reading market wizards seems like the only things those dudes were addicted was to trading and making money. Being addicted to other things like porn, alcohol, sex etc takes precious time away from trading and learning about trading.
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  9. it's quite easy to become addicted to gambling
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  10. timbo


    ET is addictive with neg consequences. It drove ElectricSavant plumb off the deep end. I'm sure there are others. It pays to to visit while drunk to numb the adverse effects.
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