When are they going to anounce the return of 30-year bond?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by CoolTrader, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. When are they going to announce the return of 30-year bond? They are going to make the decision in August whether to bring back the 30-year bond. It's scary to me not knowing when a market moving news will be released.
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    Very good point!
    Maybe our good friend mcurto can keep his ears open @ The CBOT. He has been very helpful with floor color.
  3. The last anouncement related to this is at 9:00 am ET on 5/4.
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    I remember that, I was on the correct side of that avalanche in 30 YR futures. I want to be positioned correctly, don't we all, for the next surprise.
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    Return of the Bond

    "The Treasury Department will announce tomorrow at its quarterly refunding that it plans to revive the 30-year bond, which was discontinued in 2001, economists including Douglas Lee of Economics From Washington said."
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    i bet the chinese cant wait to get their hands on more us debt