When are the best rips?

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What time period has the best RIPS?

  1. 6:30-9am "The morning session"

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  2. 9:00-12:00 "Lunchtime and early afternoon"

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  3. 12:00-1:00 "The Closing Hour"

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  4. Doesn't matter anytime during the trading day

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  1. On a typical day when do you find the best chances are for the stocks you trade going on a big RIP or TANK??

    I find the time period of 12pm-3pmEST really quite challanging to find any REAL moves.

    Anyone else trade only the morning session and the close?
  2. Well as you can see I am a West Coast trader and I put all times in PST!

    Moderator please change times to EST to avoid confusion... thanks!:confused:
  3. yea do that
  4. Uhh...add 3 hours if you are on the east coast...
  5. about two hours after i eat a pot full of chili :D
  6. chili is killer for sure, but so good!
  7. 8-11.

    Afternoon is difficult. Then 1:30-3 it starts getting easier.
  8. Opps, thought the 630-9 was the pre-market. I voted wrong
  9. I should of made an option for pre-market/after-market as well....

    Those have gotta be some crazy rips trading before/after the bell!
  10. maxpi


    The YM really slows down at NY and Chicago lunch times, I'm thinking of working just the early and afternoon sessions with an algo running while I take off for breakfast with the senoritas at the local hashery here in Smalltown, So Calif.
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