When are Republicans&warmongers going to take responsibility for the Iraq disaster?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kicking, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. How do you know most of the world thinks America is a "big terrorist"?

    Did we bomb buses in London? Did we bomb trains in Spain?

    Did we fly airplanes into the WTC towers and kill thousands?

    Do we bomb our own Navy ships? Do we bomb our own bases in
    other parts of the world?

    Do we bomb recreational hotspots in Egypt? And everywhere else
    it is happening? IS IT ALL OUR FAULT? NO WAY IN HELL.

    Did we attack Kuwait in the early 90's? Do we mustard gas our
    own people and bury countless hundreds/thousands like Saddam
    did in Iraq?

    Does the US force anyone to work in sweatshops and make NIKE shoes?

    Does the US force the Chinese to make over 85% of the goods
    sold in WalMart?

    IF the US is a top arms seller, it is because of demand. Do you think
    we should not let other countries try to protect themselves with
    military power?

    And the US is a "major player" in the drug trade? You must be out
    of your mind!

    Other countries are glad we are outsourcing jobs for them. It gives
    them a frickin' job.

    It is the citizens of the US that are paying the price for outsourcing,
    not other countries.

    And don't act like America is the only country that has ever had
    legalized slavery. That would be nuts.

    You are acting like a high and mighty Canadian aren't you?

    You have this all completely wrong...

    I think you have been spending too much time in the cold up there...:p
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  2. kut2k2


    Rumsfeld didn't resign, he was told to "resign", and he gave a world-class sore-loser speech on his way out the door.
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  3. It's ok that Canada did?

    Slavery in Canada started with the European settlements, appearing soon after the colonies were founded in the early 1600s. Most of their slaves were used as domestic house servants, although some performed agricultural labour. Some of the slaves held by Europeans in Canada were of African descent, while others were aboriginal.

    By the early 1700s, Africans began arriving in greater numbers to New France, mainly as slaves of the French aristocracy. When the British took over in 1759, there were more than 1,000 slaves living in Quebec.
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  4. man


    didn't know this. valid point.
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  5. When are the Democrats going to start fulfilling their election talks of an exit strategy?

    Or is this going to be a lame duck session until the new year? With the politicians sitting in front of the fireplace sipping eggnog while more troops get blown to hamburger for no good reason.
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  6. jem


    So I guess it is your opinion that China is mistaken in allowing "sweatshops". That people seem to make the irrational of choice of working over whatever else they were doing?
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  7. Hello, earth to swscapital, the democrats are still a minority until early January. And they never promised an exit strategy.
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  8. Semantics, they should still be working for us.

    Your right , i`m in fantasy land this morning. How did they obtain majority without approaching this issue again?
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  9. ______________________________________________

    After Nov. 8, Iraq became the dims responsibility.

    They campaigned for it, won it, and now are responsible for it.

    You said they had a "mandate" so they had better perform.
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  10. You give weasels a bad name.

    I still agree with what Colin Powell told Bush "You break it, you own it." You can't wash your hands of it that easily.
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