When are Republicans&warmongers going to take responsibility for the Iraq disaster?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kicking, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. More dead already than those caused by Saddam ! How could the American people be so stupid ? Saddam was just what the doctor ordered for Iraqis, there is always a reason a dictator is in place . I say the only way to get out now and limit damages is to put a new dictator in power.

    Next comes the prosecution of the real crimes against humanity:
    impeach the president, bar the entire Bush administration from ever running an office or corporation, strip Powell of his medals . Investigate, hold public hearings and send the culprits to jail . Enron style.
    Iraq is an incommensurable disaster that could have been avoided, the US will live in shame for the next 50 years because of this but it's never too late to
    cut your losses.
  2. The Iraqi nutjobs are blowing each other up.

    The Americans have nothing to do with it.

    Would of happened sooner or later anyway.

    Like Jack Nicholson would say, "It's no big deal".
  3. powell is the only guy i and me thinks all americans respect a lot. he took personal responsability and resigned. he admitted he made a mistake and felt shame for it. in a sense he had to go along with the neokunts even if he didnt like it and tried to convince 'em it was a mistake.

    i still respect colin and he dont deserve to be stripped of his hard earned medals.
  4. The better question is, when are Iraqis going to take responsibility for what's happening?
  5. Why isn't THIS your post.....

    You're an idiot.
  6. I'm sure in their minds they are. It just doesn't happen to agree with your agenda.
  7. And what would my agenda be? My agenda is, no more American lives wasted trying to civilize these savages. Let them slaughter each other.
  8. What did you mean by "take responsibility"?

    We go over there and totally fuck up their whole country. We created a vacuum and every slimeball terrorist in the vicinity moved in, and now you want them to take responsibility. I think the only system that could possibly work there is exactly what Saddam had going. Either that or bust it up into 3 or 4 pieces.
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