When are more strikes for AUG exp on OIH released?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Allspread, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. With OIH trading around 222, highest available strike for AUG is 250 at present with 46 days to expiration.

    When is this expanded? 45 days to exp.?

    A related question, is there somewhere on the web that lists what months for options are available for various underlyings (ETF's, index funds, equities) on a per year basis?

  2. Let me follow up my own question -- I see that OCT and JAN options on OIH are already trading up to a strike of 290, but AUG options have significantly less strikes available than other expiration months.

    Why is this?

    And still interested in an answer to the other question I posed above.

    Thanks !
  3. I believe you can make a request for the new strikes to be added.

  4. Strike price expansion usually occurs at intermediate-term tops in a market. It'll be interesting to see if crude oil pulls back in conjuction with such a move from the option exchanges. :cool:
  5. OIH hit a high of 225 yesterday ...

    No takers on listings of option months available on a yearly basis? Surely this information is posted someplace.
  6. its up to the exchanges and the specialists but any customr can ask that strikes be added if they are going to trade a big order.