When are downgrades issued

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  1. Can an analyst upgrade/downgrade be issued during market hours or are they always issued when the market is closed?
    Can anyone recall an instance where an upgrade/downgrade was issued by an analyst during market hours?!
  2. Briefing comes out with them all the time throughout the day, although i am not certain whether or not they are just repeating the mornings news.

    I know also that i have been trading stocks that all of the sudden go nuts one way, and then later will see briefing say "hearing tier 1 firm upgrades XXX", so imo all signs point to upgrades during the day all the time.

    This happened in RCL and CCL last week some time, wed or thurs i believe, both downgrades.
  3. As for when downgrades are issued:

    When an investment bank needs to get in at a lower price or right after an investment bank shorts a stock....
  4. Don't forget to include big mutual funds and hedge funds to the list.

  5. Thanks for all replies, thats intersting...i think downgrades can sometimes have a significant effect on the price of a stock, so i wonder why they are not treated like earnings announcements which by and large occur when the market is closed. Admittedly, however, i have seen, on rare occasion, some earnings announcements being made intraday, and it wasnt pretty...
  6. Whats the best source for getting analyst upgrades and downgrades in realtime? is there something better than briefing.com in terms of getting it in "realtime"?
  7. Take today, for instance, BK broke the point, hit my bid, and was offering 50k shares, a natural short seller. The stock sold off to .65 and was back at .77 when the news broke on the news services.

    PRU had issued a downgrade on the stock, and their(whomever PRU leaks to) traders had 5 or 10 minutes notice to establish positions before the news broke. The good news....there is now way those crooked bastards made any money off of that front run! On the other hand....they lined my pockets....thanks you greedy F**KS!
  8. great example mschey, so u made money by fading this move , and you didnt even know that a downgrade had been issued?..interesting..i dont like the idea of being long a stock and having some analyst downgrade it intraday, i mean cant he just wait till the close, its just a few more hours, lol

    i guess this is the BK mschey-slam-dunk
  9. Hamlet


    First Call Notes (Thomson), but you need to be part of the buy side to get it and you also need relationships with the big brokers for the individual entitlements.
  10. Thanks for your replies..and does anyone know of a service that shows the downgrades and also at what time they were issued during the day? (briefing.com doesn't show the times that individual downgrades are issued)
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