When Americans Go Hungry, JPMorgan Profits

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  1. You'll love this

    It's been widely reported that 43 million Americans now require help meeting their basic nutritional needs. Less well known is that JPMorgan is the largest servicer of food-stamps in the U.S., offering benefit cards in 26 states. As Mary Bottari wrote for AlterNet, “The firm is paid per customer. This means that when the number of food stamp recipients goes up, so do JPMorgan profits.”

    Perhaps that doesn't get your blood boiling. If not, Bottari adds: “JPMorgan is taking its responsibility to keep the U.S. unemployment rate high by offshoring the servicing of many of these contracts to India, according to ABC News.” Yes, they're profiting off of our pain, and offshoring the work required to do so.

  2. This means that when the number of food stamp recipients goes up, so do JPMorgan profits.”


    Nice work if you can get it.

    Go long.
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  4. What I love bitterly about this story is how JP Morgan outsources even that.

    At least keep the food stamp making in the US for jebuses sake