When am I going to be recognized on ET for my vast contributions

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  1. I've used variety of names to bring you all kinds of information you otherwise wouldn't get

    My threads generate plenty of views and posts

    I talked about what randomness plays in trading.

    I've talked about Alternative media information and how it differs from CNN FOX crap.

    Talked about highly questionable policies of Lobbies and Central bankers

    Talked about Personal strengths achievers must have. Not caring too much what others think but not lying to oneself either.

    I've even introduced possibility of Extraterrestrial life entering our solar system

    So when the hell am I gonna get some kind of medal. Cause you do realize NO ONE PAYS ME FOR ANY OF THIS :mad:
  2. Holy Crap someone rated my thread as 5 stars just now and it wasn't me

    Gee thanks guy :)
  3. TheMan


    i have no idea who you are or what you have posted, but you seem to need praise and acknowledgment from other people.


    thanks a lot

    i think you are great

    i feel you add great value to this board
  4. eheh I'll take it :D
  5. TheMan


    i was being sarcastic
  6. Too late I already took it sucker

    "Too late baby baby its too late." na na na na naaa naa naa

    As you can see another value I've given ET is quality humor
  7. so I guess what I am saying is I wouldn't mind a donation or two.

    I like to eat canned fish, sardines, not tuna due to mercury

    and I am finding it harder to afford sardines due to inflation. Now one is 1.69 and they used to be 1.20 or so.

    I boil some white rice and pour sardines and oil that comes with it onto rice or some noodles

    sometimes I have some hot sauce and pour on top of it.

  8. Here is the kicker.

    Am I a guy that has a paid off house and great trading long term success.

    Or am I a guy eating canned fish and cheap rice and noodles.

    Perhaps I am in between

    or neither.

    Maybe I post a lot because I am poor.

    Or maybe I am rich trader that has a lot of time on my hands.

    This is why internet is a bitch.

    PM me if you are interested how you can check to see where people belong, you can see through bullshit if you know how :cool:
  9. ok fuk it I quit.

  10. bit


    Yeah, i couldn't sleep very well, either....
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