When a broker owe you money

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by syrre, May 29, 2006.

  1. syrre


    It is a US reg. Futures Broker, and I am a non-US resident.

    The dispute is pretty obvious, but they refuse to answer any contact.
    It is a small amount, but I still intend to get my money back.

    Who should I contact? NFA?

    Br. Syrre
  2. dispute might be obvious to u but not so to us...u need to give us more details and maybe we can offer u some help..still, nobody here is qualified to give out legal advice, so maybe best thing to do wud be to contact an attorney specialized in securities dealin' and regulations.

    good luck to ya
  3. Lorenzo


    Don't you have a segregate account with a different FCM? or they clear?

    Normally if they are small... they don't clear
    Is it a big clearing firm that holds your account?

    An Introducing Broker can't manage your account, never.
  4. syrre


    It is perfectly in my favour, and I know from working several years as a broker myself, 9 of 10 firms would clear this issue right away and make me good. I do not want to give details, but I can say its a comission related dispute. I have all written in emails clearly proving I am right. I am more interested in who I am best off with contacting.

    Thank you.

    I have many accounts, in this case they were clearing it themselves.
  5. syrre