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  1. thanx, it does.
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  2. That was one great, great call!!

    I'm stuck short July about a dime lower. Do you see anything exhaustive up here?
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  3. my target was 600 and it hit it, I'm out on July. One thing with wheat is it gives an opportunity for both sides of the trade, after a large move it trends down and washes out position holders. The only safe point is that trendline.

    Looking at charts, if I see something I will post it.
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  4. if you look at micro/macro price structure, its making predictable progressions and proceeds to washout the players after a large move. The same price action you see in the box should playout from what has happened in the past. So if you are short, the profit from the short takes a long time to accrue. In essence your money is tied up in the trade, and time is money.

    Its a very painful price action for both long and shorts ahead for wheat.
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  5. palladium is working up to the similar event as wheat in terms of price structure.

    my system is long palladium now.
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  6. Really, what's your projected timeline from contract entry/pyramid/unwind, if I may be so bold as to inquire?
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  7. nah.. its just a simple square. But the proportions of the moves should be similar, the washout should approach that trendline. So the washout would end up being slightly longer in duration then the previous one.

    none of it is set in stone, but looking at thousands of charts over the years certain charts standout, some charts are chaotic and some you can sense the players at work. And the chart takes on a life of it own, and a persona comes through.
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  8. Your square, I assume is for a price projection. Do you also use the square for scaling, to translate price and time into a single axis?

    Nice exit, by the way.
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  9. for palladium, its been pumped up in the media just in the past month, and it made a small move.

    green revolution technologies, the third world is just realizing that its better to walk around in cleaner cities. Palladium as you know plays a role in catalytic converters. If your going to invest in palladium you have to realize the money will be tied up in it for awhile.

    its riding a similar upward trendline with spurts and starts.
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  10. Many thanks.
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