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  1. What is your opinion about Wheat? There were some mixed interpretations among the Astro guys.
    It sure looks like an easy sell today. Small or big crash, that is the question!
  2. "Astro "guys??
    There "were" some mixed opinions??

    Past tense? Its already hit 410 on the dec06 contract , last time i checked there was no particular reason for this sort of move, seasonals excepted.

    Its a bit crazy, but i dont see why it mightnt drop back 40% by mid year.
    But whats with the "astro" guys?
  3. Some Astro cycles pointed higher while another lower than the price before this high. So it is an "empty run" because a good foundation was not built. But we will see
  4. Astrology?
  5. When they call it Astro finance i believe it is 90% astronomy. I use other methods.