Wheat and Soybean Outlook reports

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    I am interested in trading grains and I know the crop outlook reports have an impact on prices. I wondering if anyone can explain how to interpret these reports and how often do they come out.
  2. While you are figuring that out you should buy beans, meal, and oil, they are going straight up. It would be nice to make some money while you do your homework right?

  3. You should stay away from trading before and after big reports. Even if some one handed you the report the night before you would have trouble deciding which way it is going to move the markets.

    On a different note does anyone know a good source for weather maps? I would like one that showed the temperature of the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico etc.
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  5. Look for a guy named Clarence Beeks. He receives the report the day before it's released.
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    Any free souces to get these reports?

    Please, Thank you..
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    Ok on that last link could you please explain to me how to interpret the bottom section labeled:

    For example where it says:
    Plant 4/15 - 5/31
    Head 7/10 - 8/15
    Harvest 9/20 - 10/31

    Thanks for the links and thank you for replies in advance..
  8. That's the cycle times of each grain (Planting of seed, Pollinatiion and Harvest of the crop).

    Head really refers to wheat. The term for corn is actually silk, and the term for soybeans is flowering. This is the time period when the plant is ready for pollination. The actual dates will vary for various geographical locations.

    Tim Hannagan at Alaron gives good weekly or biweekly summaries of grain reports, crop conditions and trading opportunities. On this site, click on "Grains" on the left hand side of the screen under "Daily and Weekly Research":