wheat and corn to the moon

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    supply v tight - technicals long.

    Fund activity will now be pushing markets up further

  2. tommorow is a very important day for wheat, im still bearish trust me wait until argentina starts exporting. 9.60 is broken then 10.00 is on the way. wheat has stalled twice at 9.50 to 9.60 we will see if it does this time. Why am i bearish you ask? there is so much fricking wheat in the ground right now its unbeleivable, wheat will be 6.00 dollar range around harvest mark my words
  3. still has more upside... but its in the last push...
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    trust me

    wheat is on way up. funds are getting heavily into corn, wheat and other softs

    technicals pinting upwards - fund love these

    sugar for example - fundametals point down, techs up. vol at v low. somthing is is going to happen here - mots likely sharp rise - suggest going long on some options

    short to medium turn up up and away for softs

    wait and see :D
  5. I am staying off it for awhile... i have been trading it for a couple years. I have not lost money in it lately but it is not what I am used to
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    Sugar is even sweeter - though some fundamentalists say its sour, well to heck with em.
  7. Rice in the teens.........Check. Sugar and beans are next! Wheat will be a real struggle.
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  9. wheat is starting to feel toppy
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