Whch way

Discussion in 'Trading' started by phil1424, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. so which way will the scum bags route the market tomorow after the jobs report . i know it doesnt matter if its bullish news or bearish to these scum bags its just which wAy they want to run it for there own profit!!
  2. S2007S


    doesnt matter which way it goes, because both are positive.

    If the number comes in above estimates, markets will rally because a low unemployment number around 4.6% means a nice soft landing for the economy.

    If the number comes in below estimates bulls will cheer even louder because this puts a positive spin on a rate cut come mid 2007.

    The next time the federal reserve cuts rates, whenever that will be, expect a 2%+ jump in all averages.
  3. bgp


    thats about right .
  4. hels02


    I dunno, but I was all in and now I'm slowly exiting a bit so I have cash again.

    It's been a nice week, I love when all the bears hop up and down, then I know I'll be making $$ very soon.

    I think there will be chop, but nothing has changed the opinions I had 3 months ago. I think we're still heading up a bit longer.
  5. bgp


    which way ? the only way is up from where i am .