whats your YTD return so far?

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  1. Mines is 11.26% vs S&P of 5.87%
  2. mi933c


    25.42% right now.
  3. I guess the majority here do not really trade since only one reply after so many views.

    or the majority are losing money at ET.
  4. Yup!
  5. "whats your YTD return so far? "

    Not enough to feed my 20 trillion kids whom i may still conceive :(
  6. i have a problem with this thread, say someone returned 2% on a 10 million account vs. 125% on a 5K account...
  7. No.Beta


    NAV: 20.1%
  8. I'm a long term stock trader, I'm up 10 %.
  9. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 125-150%...

    At around +450K$ between Etrade and BofA accounts, realized, and another 22K unrealized (as of today), mostly swingtrading bios...

  10. 30% with 1/2 the risk of the market.
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