What's your view on natural gas long term?

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  1. At very low levels historically. Long term monthly chart looks very good. Did a little research on it last night, is predicted to be more used in the future, overtake coal, so has staying power, not going away. Good time to start getting in? Am worried it might go negative. Seems like a good chance to make 100% profit in next year or two, if don't get killed by negative price. How would you trade this if you were in it for the long term?
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  3. Are you referring to the Rice University material? Didn't find much from that search result. Saw a chart that seemed to show US Nat Gas Contracts less volatile than Crude or Other Nat Gas Contract. Saw a Rice University news saying effect on price from pandemic for nat gas should be short term. Are you bullish as well on nat gas?
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    nah, just thought something in there might be of use.

    a scroll down the knoema.com site was a nice surprise tho...

    as a day trader i let the market talk and try to listen the best i can.
    fundamental 'news'(which by the time it reaches me is bleary-eyed and worse for wear) and bias can get expensive on a 2 minute chart. lol
    for d, w, mo charts with a looooong term outlook, that's not in my wheelhouse.
    interesting nonetheless.
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  5. Well, for a day trader you've pointed me to some good information. Thanks.
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    Better test the trading platform and see if it can handle negative value
  7. I heard that some platforms or brokers were messing up during the oil crash. Good to have that covered just incase. You think it'll go negative?
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    From my colleague Mark O'Brien:

    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “rising demand heading into winter, combined with reduced production, will cause upward price pressures.” They expect prices to rise from an average of $1.75 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) in May of this year, to an average of $2.06/MMBtu in September to $3.08/MMBtu in January.
  9. Has been making some moves to the upside recently.
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