what's your take on Interactive Brokers?

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  1. Considering a change ... what would you guys recommend?

    I trade mostly stocks, and considering some futures...
  2. Genesis securities commision is less than 50% what
    interactive brokers charge.

    futures commision with IB is OK, but not the cheapest
  3. scam.
  4. DTK


    I think they are great.
    Some will argue.
    I think you should at least give them a try.
    If you don't like them, move again.
    There has already been much written about IB.
    Do a quick search and you will get everything from "WTF? How do they call themselves a business" to "best folks to be with".
  5. Are you talking to me? :mad:
  6. Wisetrade is the best out there! lol (I AM VERY MUCH joking)

    IB is good, i like it! Genesis is next in my book!
  7. I moved an IRA there cause I like the idea of the universal account and world markets
    also they are not a dime adozen fly by night outfits....of course when refco goes anyone can.....
    also I have tried an ira futures account and no US broker and cusdodial would handle it, with IB it is a cinch and FREE.
    the one USA based IRA custodial (Millenium TRust) would charge a whopping fee / year after year....
  8. Thank guys ... I'll give them a shot :)
  9. i have my ira and another account there. great company but they need to lower there stock and futures commissions. can't bbeat ther euniversal ira to trade futures and options
  10. Remember the Wizetrade motto. "Why lose money with a broker when you can do it yourself?"
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