What's Your Political Affiliation?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rearden Metal, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. If we're gonna do this, let's do it right.
  2. Pabst


    The pinko's must be sleeping by the shade of the light
    While the pinko's are sleeping
    All the stars come out at night:)
  3. LOL...I'm sure they'll rear their ugly heads in the morning.
    I also expect the Neo-Conservative category to produce a highly dismal showing. Makes one wonder how the hell they've gotten control of the country if hardly anyone subscribes to their philosophy. :confused:
  4. Maverick74


    Where are the damn liberals? Where are they? I know they are on this board. Why hasn't ART voted yet? Nolan? Madison? RS?
  5. The party of the undecided. You know, that party that is never certain to the point of cessation of oppositional thought nor dismissal of new and foreign ideas summarily without analysis.
  6. You just clicked CENTRIST ?!
    Is that how you really see yourself???
  7. Maverick74


    All I have to say to that is bullf*ckin shit. It will be a cold day in hell before you ever voted for a republican ART. Don't even pretend to be independent. Your not even close. You are so far off the deep end to the left it's not even funny. The only thing you have to decide is how far to the left are you going to vote. Do you want a Dean or a Hillary. You are not open minded. You are so set in your ways its not even funny. But I got a good laugh out of that. Now go ahead and place your liberal vote.
  8. Yes. I find both the extreme left and extreme right incapable of reasonable discussions, incapable of compromise, and incapable of explaining why because on the basis of "feeling" they are right, or because they happen to have some religious/atheistic belief system, that to them means that they are infallible in thought when it comes to secular political considerations.

  9. Maverick74


    There you go ART, someone just voted liberal, that must have been you. Way to go bud. Stand up and be counted. Nothing wrong with being a card carrying member of the dean/Hillary/Gore fan club. Be proud of it.
  10. OK, I just saw this and voted (Marxist).

    Why? Because what's the difference? I have said many times that I have always voted a split ticket. And I have also said that I feel I am mislabeled when you call me a "liberal".

    I have also said that even though I myself would not call myself a "liberal", I would prefer to be mislabeled as such rather than be labeled a "conservative" if for no other reason than to NOT be associated with the kind of negativity that seems to go along with what the self proclaimed "conservatives" like to spew. And I don't necessarily mean the most extreme...you don't need to be Rush, or Ann obviously to have to feel compelled to use name calling to define those with whom you disagree.

    I will single out Pabst just for the sake of simplicity. I KNOW that Pabst has a good heart and is a good guy. But his political leanings seem to be a license to call me names when I state opposition to (fill in the blank). As he has. Quite harshly on occasion. Right Pabst?

    In this thread alone, which is just starting (I wonder how many votes the poll will end up getting before it fades into obscurity), already the "liberals" have been called "pinkos", "damn liberals" and "ugly" (as in "rearing their ugly heads").

    So while perhaps "pinkos" was intended for the Marxists, I doubt it. I don't believe Pabst or Mav, or Reardon, or anyone here really believes they will find any ET guys (or gals) that would consider themselves "Marxists". (Possible exception of MSFE/Wild, but let's just count Americans, and then I am pretty sure that would eliminate "Marxists" completely....or maybe I am being naive).

    So for fun, I gave away my vote so that on behalf of all of us who figure no matter what we think or how we vote, if we are not in awe of GWB, we are going to be called names by the right wingers.

    Pabst, Reardon, and Maverick (as well as AAA and Hapaboy who thus far have not yet contributed to this thread) are among my favorite ET peers. (Even though Pabst has called me a "prick" and an "asshole" because we disagree on SOME political issues...definitely not as many as I am convinced Pabst is so sure we do).

    So why did I vote "Marxist"? Because obviously, "Centrist" is not acceptable. ART apparently claimed to be "Centrist", but was re-defined by Mav and Reardon already. So it seems as if any dissent with the far right is a ticket to being labeled as something bad. :confused:

    This spirit of harshness will always prevent me from claiming to be aligned with the "conservative" element. Even though on so many issues my politics (not my self image, or self labeling) are right there with the opinions of those who DO like to call themselves "conservatives".

    And the fact of the matter is I can pretty much prove (if that is a valid concept) by searching for quotes that all my favorite "conservatives" have their liberal sides. Might be a little harder for me to find something AAA has said to prove my point, but I am sure if I had the tenacity of say Max 401, I could do it. I just don't have the time or inclination. Besides, I could save the time and effort just by asking AAA a few yes or no questions.

    So just as Pabst and Reardon and Maverick are in some way "liberals", (and even AAA too, and certainly Hap), in the same vein ART and I are in some ways "conservatives". It seems like maybe "progressive" would be a better, more fair and accurate label for guys like me and ART.

    We are flexible and willing to admit we do not vote a straight party line ticket, and we (forgive me ART if I am speaking for you out of turn, and possibly being presumptuous) are not ashamed of acknowledging that we have problems with every organized political platform. Because we can't find a "party line" we agree with completely. Never will. Things just are not as black and white in our world (or our minds).

    ART has certainly argued quite eloquently on occasion in favor of some "official conservative" views. And obviously while my leanings are left of (today's) center, I do not believe that this makes me a "liberal" as defined by the extreme (and sometimes not so extreme...like you guys) right wing of the Republican Party.

    Why do I believe that Reardon and Pabst and Mav are liberals? Well, they have to be if you use a dictionary definition. As well as a the much more subjective definition of real life. And of course most importantly their own words.

    Just because you LIKE to be labeled, that does not make you what you seem to want to be called. Just as a Mafia hit man can be observant and go to church and even confession all the time and still not be spiritual or God fearing at all. It isn't about what you say, or what facade you put up. It's about true beliefs and attitudes. I KNOW you guys are all really "liberals"!!! (in your own ways, and to varying degrees but still...). You just seem to prefer to make the word "liberal" a dirty word. Why??

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