What's your P&L Pt.2

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Dustin, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Dustin


    To expand on thetraderprofits poll...
  2. shaky start in the first quarter for me. will be on the sidelines waiting for volatility to resume, hopefully this autumn.
  3. Ebo


    There is no room for the truth on here!
    You assume EVERYONE on here actually makes money?

    Oh I found it........................< $0.
  4. and why should you care anyway?

    a better poll might be how much in percent terms are you up

    this yr on accts

    A: under 25 K

    B: 25-50 K

    C: 50 - 100 K

    D: 100 - 500 K

    E: 500 K - 1M

    F 1M - 100 M

  5. Bob111


    to expand this pool you should also put -20K, -50K etc..
    :D :D :D

    will it make you feel better, if you know,that 30% of voters make 150K + already? what is the purpose of it anyway?
  6. Dustin


    So far I think it's a good poll. 32% in the 0-20k seems realistic.

    If you don't like the poll don't participate whiners. :D
  7. Dustin


    What people have lost doesn't really interest me.