What's your market metaphor?

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  1. What are some of the metaphors* people have for the markets and for trading?

    *Eg, 'All the world's a stage' (Shkspr)

    For example, the latest one I've adopted is 'trading is a game'.
    More than just a slogan or a catchphrase, that statement is really quite representative of how I've come to view trading. I don't see it as 'serious' or as something I've 'got to make money at'.

    I see it as a game being played between all the market participants, whether they think they're part of it or not, in which there isn't, and can never be, a 'winner'; although some of the players can certainly 'be winning' at it.

    I know it's easy to write this stuff off as 'mere semantics', but I really think delving into such (usually subconscious) thoughts can yield some interesting information (for oneself).

    As an example, if you're name is Hitman, you might describe the markets as 'Trading is war. It's a battlefield out and there and you've gotta slay them all if you want to emerge victorious. This is it, do or die. One shot. It's all for the princess'. I think it's pretty obvious that someone with that type of concept of trading would probably make his decisions quite differently (and thus likely expect and reach different outcomes) than someone for whom 'Trading is like a walk in the meadows, each trade being like stopping to smell the next new flower you find.' (Silly, but it makes a point.)

    I'd be interested to hear what metaphors others have, especially some of the 'old timers' who may not post so much anymore, but I'm sure are still lurking (like me). So rather than get caught up in the latest bout of worthless mr.market or gekko mania, maybe take some time and try thinking (and share your thoughts).
  2. Something that always runs through my mind, especially after a decent gain..

    The market giveth, but the market also taketh away...

    I was long on the NQ yesterday, target was 1234.5, I think we hit 1232 and pulled back to 1229... that phrase started running through my head and I exited.. you know the rest...
  3. oops, I mean Honey.
  4. My Metaphor for Trading and Living:

    A HyperReal Simulation of Reality.
    Everyone gets exactly what they want.

    If that offers little help, then:

    You have to participate in order to enjoy.
    It can get rough at times but it always ends with an AHA.
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    Interesting Daniel, after many yrs. at this I tell people "it's just a big game" and it is. It's the final exponent of the aggregate players emotions of greed and fear finding resolution in any given moment. It's fascinating. It can be played large or small , short time frame or long, with no end to the possible combinations.Some players flow with the river of money , some bring their calculators and try to figure where the next turn is, some paddle upstream into the spray and all the time the most dominant force rumbles on, some times just below the surface. Understanding the dominant force is the key to the game.
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