What's your longest worst beat?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nitro, May 15, 2008.

  1. nitro


    I have won 14 hands in 500 and lost half my poker account. This came right after I had a good run and took my account to new highs.

    What is your worst beat in poker?

  2. I remember once, in the early 80s, I lost upwards of 3 dollars. The sweat clung to me like liquid fear.
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    Z10 has like 20000. Also, there are people that have had 30+ aliases with each alias easily with 1000 posts.

    But yeah, 10K! Too bad I don't get paid to post :D

  5. In an online game I was in, two guys go all in with the board showing 10/J/Q of clubs and two other non significant cards. One guys flips over A/K clubs the other guy 8/9 clubs. It was sick!

  6. magicz


    playing no-limit at commerce

    I had kings full off aces....the dude rivered me with aces full of queens. I flopped it, he rivered it. All-in at the flop he covered my 7K.
  7. We should have here on ET an honorary title for 5K, 10K, 20K etc posts. If you were in the military I would give you a medal. One can only imagine how much shit you had to go through here on ET with all of these idiots constantly polluting the threads! Good going! Hats off!
  8. My worst beat was when I was a 17 year old kid playing in an illegal poker club. I was solid winners that day when a group of masked armed thugs came in and robbed everyone in the place. I lost my entire stake, which, in 1973 was around $4500. That was big money in those days. That taught me a huge lesson.....don't carry the entire stake in your pocket, and the market lesson was to not put all my eggs in one basket. So, that $4500 was actually tuition that ended up making me money in the long run.

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    5/10 live table....about $750.00 stack...UTG raises to $40.00 I re-raise to $140 with me pocket aces fold fold fold then he calls ...flop comes out As 8c 8d. he bets $300 I call ...turn 2c...he checks i check; thinking i was trapping him with his K8 ( what i had put him on )...then river is 10s...he goes all in with more than i had left...I called....the mo-fo had pocket 8's....
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    Tough break.

    Best save some bones for a Cubs vs Marlins rematch though :D

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