what's your Jack Hershey trading system win/loss ratio ?

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  1. interested in knowing what your win/loss ratio is in trades and $
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    There are almost no losses when trading this system. The point being is that you are on the right side of the market and always in.

    You book profits when you switch direction. So if you were short, you then reversed to long and booked the profit of the short.

    Of course this was a very short answer, and you will not gain much insight unless Jack were to respond.
  3. Jack never has a losing trade. Every one was a winner. Just ask him.
  4. NO . . . I'm not asking what Jack's results are

    I'm asking what the win/loss results are of those traders who trade
    the Jack Hershey system
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    I don't have to ask him, he pm me a trade before it happened since I am a mod, and it was a winning trade. Also, this is one of the few systems that you don't have to pay a mentor for.

  6. Look up my version of Jack's system, plug it into .SPX on a 5 minute bar and let me know. It took $10k to $100k in less than 8 months.
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    Jack makes three times the daily range of the market every day. He always knows to the tick when to reverse. He is wealthy beyond your wildest imagination. He communicates with penguins and heads of state. He is well-known to the SEC, the IRS, the CIA, and the PTA. He can suck the heads and eat the tails of crawfish. He has danced Giselle with the Bolshoi and eaten raw garlic with impunity. His wisdom and intellect are without limit. He has way more than two different colors of Crocs in his closet!
  8. He is The Most Interesting Man in the World! :p
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    97.89%. Slightly better than the $49 system I got in the mail from George Fontallis years ago.

    In addition to following the rules, I buy the sell signals and sell the buy signals. I also reverse the order of the settings in the secret MACD and Stoch settings. Like Fibonacci and Gann, you can do endless variations and still be profitable. He's truly uncovered the hidden order of the markets and you can rearrange it anyway you want. It's rad.
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