What's Your Greatest Challenge.....

Discussion in 'Options' started by Multioption, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. What's your greatest challenge in options trading?

    What's the greatest challenge of options traders?

    What do you think is the remedy?

    Please share!:)
  2. I was reading your other exchange (wrestle?) at Palawan's mention and one thing you'd said stood out among all others for me - that the BANE of traders is having to keep trading! In answer to your first question, that would be it for me. Not because I think I shouldn't be trading all the time, but because I inadvertently keep losing the same $1k I've made over and over again, being in trades I should stay flat on. So, the issue for me is to keep from trading when I'm not certain of a move. It's so much easier to trade than to do the painstaking homework of building the strong certainty of a move. I realize that is the gambler's addiction, as is the fear of losing out on a possible move, but what to do about the seductive nature of it? I've found that when I've tried to resist it, I can't think straight to make an unemotional decision. It's like being addicted to anything, you can't be at peace and level headed without it. I've found with my other past addictions in life, whether it was smoking, drinking, drugs - there was no mitigating the influence - it was get to the point of wanting to quit entirely and (key thing here) replacing it with something else desired more, before I could get victory over it. The problem here is, I don't want to quit trading!!
  3. Wish I could develop a software to scan the stock market for weekly and intraday charts using my parameters. But since I can't do that yet, I resort to searching for potential trades manually. Time constraint is my greatest challenge!