What's YOUR fetish??!

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  1. I know EVERYONE has some sort of "fetish" that turns them on. I want to hear what everyone likes:p Don't be ashamed, it's only human nature:cool: It could help me improve my thread, and also I'm just very curious because I have a few of my own that I sometimes wonder about:eek: lol...

    Ok I will start. Probably my number one fetish is Hair Pulling! I'm not just saying a little tug hear and there... like pull that shit HARD!!! lmao. I cant believe I'm starting this thread, but hey, you only live once!! Let's hear it guys- even if it's not dirty:D

  2. Ok, here's one that's not so "dirty"

    I LOVE when I can have an intelligent conversation with another for hours. Nothing is more sexy than a man (woman) who can talk with you on your level. It's magical when you find someone like that:)
  3. Intelligent conversation with a woman ?

    Yea that's my fetish along with unicorn horns, angel wings and fairys vaginas
  4. Well thanks for getting this thread started on a positive note:confused:

    You know, not ALL women are completely stupid and fake. I know it may seem that way sometime. AND trust me it goes the same way when it comes to me trying to talk most men. I hope someday you can find that woman that you can connect with on that "level"

    I like unicorns too:D
  5. Hooti


    I broke up with my last girl friend because she just couldn't hold an intelligent conversation. she'd inherited enough money neither of us would ever need to work... she was happy having sex most anytime...closer to a nympho than anyone I've ever been with... alas, she'd done drugs back in the day that just slowed her down mentally. Sweet personality. But I just needed the conversation.
    The woman I felt the most chemistry with was the smartest... street smart too... she'd actually lived in an RV on the streets of Long Beach, CA for a few years. She'd also been the editor of a Nationally syndicated magazine. Oh, could she be present in conversation. And a lot of life lived to talk about.

    So I guess that is my fetish! Never thought of it that way before. Thanks.
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    My fetishs - Tight sweaters, tight jeans. Also pony tails (on women, of course). Moderate tattoos (not all over the place).
  7. Hooti, sent you a pm [​IMG]
  8. Crispy


    My wife loves that too. Instant waterfall..lol.

    We discovered her submissive side and my dominant in the same night a few years ago and it improved our sex life 100%.

    My fetish - I LOVE hot chicks with fake tits and sleeved tattoos...damn that shits sexy and filthy...crazy in the head..crazy in bed. Hot punk women also, from my former life...

    Best CC topic ever? :D
  9. Nice tits, ass, and an appealing looking vagina. That about sums it up lol. Married to one with all three haha.
  10. How bout a little bit of bondage? Anyone?


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