What's your favorite trader magazine

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  1. Below (in aphabetical order) are the website links to the magazines in the poll.

    Note: The poll forces you to only select one magazine as your favorite...

    however...if you are subscribing to more than one or consistently buying issues of more than one while not subscribing to it...

    please post a message to say what magazine(s) are your favorites.

    Also, post a message of any magazine that I have not listed...including trader magazines outside North America.

    By the way, my favorite are Active Trader magazine and Action Future Le Magazine.

    1. Active Trader Magazine


    2. Action Future Le Magazine


    3. Futures Magazine


    4. Personal Finance Investing and Trading Online

    "Couldn't find a website and the 2 issues I own...they mainly contained articles about trading and a few articles about investing."

    5. Stocks & Commodities Technical Analysis Magazine


    6. Traders Online Magazine


    7. Traders World Magazine


    P.S. I do not consider Investors Business Daily nor Wall Street Journal like newspapers as magazines.

    Also, I did not list any magazines orientated towards investing like Forbes magazine.

  2. Because that magazine is funny...

    Informative??? Where's the information on it???
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  4. All of the trading magazines are so useless.

    The only beneficial thing about them is the advertisements.

    Even when I am completely bored, I can't bring myself to read one of the articles.
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    never heard of them until today. They should really thank you for the advertizing. :)
  6. cheeks


    I think their writers would use a linear regression model to tie their shoes.:confused:
  7. Hmmm...

    so far it looks like Active Trader magazine is the most popular and Stocks & Commodities is the second most popular magazine among those that voted.

    I had thought that it would be Stocks & Commodities in the lead based on the fact that there's an abundance of philosophical discussions at ET, psychological discussions at ET along with lots of technical discussions at ET concerning trading.

    Thus, my impression was that Stocks & Commodities contain more articles about the above in comparison to Active Trader magazine.

    Yet, active trader articles are obviously easier to understand (good for beginners) and explains strategies in a simple way that even advance traders would appreciate.

    P.S. I enjoy both magazines along with others in the poll.

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  9. Traders World mag is great. Very informative for those who take trading seriously(i.e profitable traders)
  10. There is little real value in any of them, imo. TASC used be good. I don't even read it anymore. Back in the old days when there wasn't much out there, the articles were written by real traders. Now they are penned by someone selling software, an advisory service etc...or some egg head who just does research and little if any trading.
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