what's your favorite stock market tv show?

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  1. mine is by far bulls & bears on the fox news channel.
  2. CNBC from 8:30am-6pm
  3. OK, this is OT, but I thought it was funny.

    This morning the company ringing the NYSE opening bell had a guy in a hot dog suit.

    Mark Haines of CNBC:
    "CEO of xyz ringing the opening bell. And he brought his big weiner with him."

  4. CNBC from 12:32-12:33pm - Art Cashin. Dry humor at its best from someone who's job doesn't depend on lathering up everyone with bullshit.

    Mark Haines on squawk for the daily morning comedy routine. Also watching him try to figure the S&P futures fair value.

    Watching Maria get pushed back and forth by floor traders at 9:30am as she stands there spouting her usual useless crap.

    Bulls & Bears probably the one I'd watch if I wasn't a market participant all day.
  5. lol
  6. yeah, that's usually when i say, "who cares!?" and press the off button on my tv.
  7. bulls & bears is on saturday mornings.
  8. I agree with watching Mark Haines in the morning. Also, Art Cashin and Ted Weisberg provide humor that only mkt players can understand. Listening to Maria @9:30 am is torture. Another exercise in futility is Tex Tanzy in the morning. Sometimes, her and/or Maria will say that the mkt. appears to have a stronger opening when in fact the S & P futures are down 4. Why is David Faber still reporting "breaking news" about Adelphia. They are practically out of business.
  9. yeah, Seaport's Weisberg's little snippets of wisdom are not to be missed. He's right up there with Ron Insane-a and Bob Pissed-on-ya. Real insight from these guys.
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