What's your favorite recreational drug?

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  1. Alcohol purposely excluded, as it has an entirely different legal status and social acceptability.
  2. Look, synthetic opiates are my favorite too, but whoever just logged on with 6 different ID's to pick them is only messing up an interesting poll.

    Attn readers: Subtract 5 from the synthetic opiates category to see the true poll resuls.

    To the poll tamperer: please use one of your 6 ID's, to explain to me why you just did that. Don't be a coward, show yourself.
  3. i once knew someone who was going to school for criminal justice. he had me look at a book he had. it had a real life story about someone who, while on drugs, cut off his face with a piece of glass/mirror (i think) and fed it to his dog. it's hard for me to remember, but i think the drug he took was angeldust. what type of drug is that? i'd prefer to stay away from something like that.:)
  4. Man they are really loving the contin these days eh? I know they are not voting for hydro or oxy codone like that.

    Shrooms are by far my fav...
  5. Angeldust is PCP- a synthetic that causes violent, insane behavior. PCP should always be avoided, along with it's natural cousins- Datura/Angel's Trumpets.



    A student cut off his penis and tongue with garden shears while tripping on an hallucinogenic drug.

    The 18-year-old German went into his garden and set about severing his organs after downing a tea made with the plant Angels' Trumpet.

    The plant is a powerful and dangerous hallucinogen.

    Doctors were unable to re-attach either his penis or tongue.

    The student has been named only as Andreas, from Halle.

    His mother said: "Andreas was behaving normally the whole day until he left the house and disappeared into the garden for a couple of minutes."

    When he returned to the house he was wearing a towel wrapped around him and was bleeding heavily from his mouth and between his legs.

    Angels' Trumpet is the latest drugs craze to sweep Germany.

    Doctors said the teenager would need years of support.

    Dr Andreas Marneros, from the local psychiatric hospital where the student was admitted to, said: "Andreas will have to receive psychological help for years.

    "Tea from Angels' Trumpets is extremely dangerous as the drug cannot be dosed."
  6. shrooms got my vote, although i've only tried a few things on RM's list.
  7. That is fiction. Thomas Harris wrote that as part of the book Hannibal. Dust is powdered elaphant tranquilizer. Also if I recall correctly I beleive it was dust and mescaline, although its been a few years now.

    Ever walk on the state puff champ from Ghost Busters?!? well if you ever want to....
  8. this is a little OT, but...

    on tv yesterday, i saw a discussion about recreational use of viagra and that new substance similar to it. it was argued that it's ok to use it if you have a problem, but not otherwise (recreational). i was thinking to myself, why the hell not? if people want to enhance their sexual performance (i've never tried it, i don't know), why the hell should someone else stop them?!
  9. what i posted may also be in Harris' book, but it IS also in the other book i mentioned earlier. i don't remember the name of it, but it was part of his required reading for one of his criminal justice classes and it was non-fiction.
  10. Viagra is OK, Even if your sexual function is healthy. I've used it as an enhancer. No problems at all.

    However, the best enhancer for sex is blow IMO.
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