whats your favorite option to trade?

Discussion in 'Options' started by sheng, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. sheng


    so guys/girls whats your favorite option that you trade regularly.
  2. I trade NDX options
  3. I checked these options. Margin requirement is so high.

    I trade Z (FTSE100) and margin requirement is very reasonable and bid/ask spreads are tight as well.
  4. QQQQ options

    Great liquidity/volume
    5 cents bid-ask spreads
  5. sheng


    hey swing, what setup do you use to trade the NDX?
  6. I trade XLE and DIA options.
  7. There is only margin if you are short the options or a spread. Otherwise no margin and the NDX spreads are reasonable. Also you are comparing index options to futures options which are different products.
  8. IWM ...
  9. DennisR


    I'm all vix lately. liquid and big swings. just roll or get rid of them if 2 weeks or less to exp.
  10. qqqq
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