What's your day trading experience?

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  1. I want to know the kind of experience a different people have while doing a day trading.
  2. that is easy....shit...:D
  3. but seriously...

    for almost ten years i thought if i could figure out the market i will make millions.
    the only thing wrong with that logic was that markets are unfigureable.

    this is the common mistake.

    now i am out to only make money:

    now i wait till i see four up or down bars and enter in the direction of trend and close the trade 2 bars later or 5 ticks profit.
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  4. maxinger


    day trading experience ?
    or rather day trading and night trading experience for retiree?

    basically I
    trade and trade and trade and trade and
    trade and trade and trade and trade and
    trade and trade and trade and trade

    Trade first 2 hours asian session

    Then eat / exercise

    Trade last 3 hours asian session

    Then eat / exercise

    Trade first 3 hours Eur session

    Then eat / chit chat

    Trade last 3 hours Eur session /
    Trade first 2 hours US session

    Then watch TV and sleep.

    and then repeat the whole cycle again and again and again
    till end of time.

    So is life boring or interesting? It depends on individual.
    Some like to trade 24/7.
    some like to trade perhaps 3 hours / day.

  5. qxr1011


    its like asking the soldiers in the trenches about their experience... :)

    even if they will answer you, you would not really understand, until you yourself will get in the trenches... :)

    unlike all other time frames where one can work and trade as a hobby, or have some other form of trading masturbation, daytrading is for the guys who want to make a living just trading, that's why it's "march or die" situation, and most surely die, because they can not march any longer, they just do not know how....
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  6. It is a shitty grind, even when I am making money. Even worse when I am trying to run a few other businesses. But still want to do it so I am a glutton for punishment.
  7. Handle123


    Spot on, it like someone asking me what do I do differently than most others? I just stare at them, I don't know what to say, or more like how long do you have to chat but what is the point??? They won't understand.

    But I usually say I take jellybeans from other peoples' dishes a little at a time till I have all of most and they transferred into 55 gallon drums. This way they think I am psychotic and won't ask me any more dumb questions.
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  8. TraderEX


    longer you are in a trade, the better the chance of failure. Think small my man and leverage up. take it from the source EX
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  9. Overnight


    You heathen!

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  10. Palindrome


    I wait for big traders to shake out little traders, I then enter at that point in time.
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