What's Your Crazy FX Trading Routine?

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  1. Just wanted to get a sense of what other traders are doing to take advantage of 24hour trading...

    Personally, I start my trading at around 11pm (NY) until 4/5pm the next day with a few quickie naps in between. And then sleep for a few more hours until 11pm.

    I'm trying to work in some gym time in order to keep my body in tip-top shape. Also, trying to quit smoking but you know how volatile these FX markets are - so...it definitely, still a WIP.

    Please share what you guys do. Thx!
  2. You must be single LOL

    I'm married and have 2 teenagers and work a day j.o.b. on the US east coast.

    For FX I start trading the AM session right around 0700 and try to wrap up by 1300. Then I look for entries at the Tokyo open around 2000. I'm asleep by 2300 generally.

    I will say I'd like to be able to trade the London session starting at 0300 for me. I see all that juicy price action I missed out on when I look at 0700.
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    with those hours, you are missing some of the most profitable trading hours during the day. 3amET - 12noon ET are some of the best, most volatile trading hours due to the crossover of the asian/ European session and then the us/European session.

    Take a look at the intraday charts of the various majors to see the price action during the different trading sessions.
  4. I watch the NY "close" at 5pm EST then give 3-4hours (5 tops) for the market to go through "crazyness" and then enter a position at 60:1 put a stop and go to sleep at 12am EST.
  5. My hours used to be very similar to your, but then I realized that my health was going downhill.

    Now I try to stick to the usual 9-5 work schedule (central time). However, I do have to wakeup sometimes in the middle of the night to make trades. But it doesn't happen very often.

    I made an alarm indicator for my platform, so that when all of my criteria are met, it rings. I also connected my audio output to the intercom system.
  6. I like trading as a profession since it allows me so much free time. The least amount of time I trade, the better!

    I agree with above, the London/NY session overlap is the best and it's when I trade. Apporx 6am CST - 9 or 10am and then it's on with the day to enjoy the finer things in life.
  7. I tried staying up from London forex, which is 1AM MT till about 10 AM MT, because I like currencies, more but my mental and physical health were going down the crapper quick. Trying to sleep from 10PM till 12:30 and then back to sleep at 10AM next day, cant do it. I tried it for a few weeks no can do. I can do they stay up till 3AM, but I don't care for sleep unitl 11 AM, not for me. I am going to give a go at 6AM till close of regular hours. Currencies are better than eminis for me, just need to find a better time slot or move to Hawaii or Europe. :p It's liberating to watch markets that move 30 ticks min. after getting excited about 8 ticks move in ES.
  8. I have price alerts set 24/5, so I'll be alerted at anytime of the day/night. Usually get the most alerts conveniently at 4-5am ET..

    Pretty much all US timezones are the worst if you want to trade the London/US session in its entirety, unless you can get to bed very early and wake up 3-4am ET. Not me though, I'm a night owl..
  9. Due to working full time I don't have the luxury of picking optimal times to watch and trade the market... My work weeks rotate from early, being at work at 8:30 till 5:30, to being at work late, at 11:30 till 8:30...

    During the day I can't do much with keeping up with the markets... I fiddle around watching the indexes, reading front line news, and the forums via blackberry. Not very productive.

    So basically I take it rather slow, when I make it home I play catch up and looking at S/R levels, the forex calander, and peering more deeply into what happened during the day on all markets.

    Then perhaps over the course of a few hours I may find a trade. Sometimes I stay up till one or two am but by then I am too tired to make solid decisions. I am too new, inexperienced, under capitalized and patient to make, on average, more than three to five trades per week.

    When I go to work on my late week I try to get up early enough to catch the opening bell... to me that's a treat... the volatility is fun to watch.

    Soon in a few months I am sliding my employee work phone across my 60-hours-a-week-supervisor's desk and quiting the wage slave job, moving out of the state, trading full time, then after a year goin' to school part or full time, and time permitting... dating a 'female with the largest clutch of eggs'. (Dr. Zoidburg.)

    When I make a trade right before work all day I walk around glued to my phone... when I am up in the trade I try not be seen doing a happy dance and when I am down I try not be too loud when I look up fist raised and exclaim "STELLA!!"

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    I trade from 12am to around 9am. Sleep around 8 - 9 am. Killer hours. I'm tired all the time. Once the account is solid, I'll move to another time zone or trade new york hours exclusively. ES moves are too subdued.

    Thailand/Eastern European hours would be perfect. Wake up at lunch, eat, trade london open till new york close-ish, then go out and party the night away.
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