What's your biggest "strength"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ang_99, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. That you feel contributes most to your success in trading.

    My strength....I find it easy to hang on to winners and not take profits too quick.

    This probably came from trading large gaps a while back and hanging for much of the day if I caught a continuation or retracement.
  2. sheer hardass dicipline
  3. Trading in a manner which I haven't yet seen mentioned by any of the 60k+ members of this forum. :)
  4. Care to elaborate perhaps????:D
  5. gotta be lettin' my winners ride in full% and ther consistency in exitin' my longs/shorts near or at the top/bottom.
  6. I know my biggest strength.
  8. lescor


    Not caring about money.
  9. Not having to rely on trading for a living cuz i still live with my parents. There's no way I'd make it on my own at this point in my trading career.
  10. I was just kidding . . . sorta.

    Seriously though, I think my biggest strength lies in finally settling upon a way of looking at the market that I'm totally confident in -- so maybe that's it, confidence. I've made just about all the mistakes that any trader can make over the years (and will no doubt continue to make them), but by learning from them (along with learning how to learn) they've allowed me to build a foundation to find what really works for me and what doesn't.
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