What's your 1st stocks to buy/short in a depression

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by proptrader11, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Interested to know if things hit the fan tomorrow and we went from a recession "which were in now" to a complete depression what 3 securities would you go long on and what 3 securities would you short right away.
  2. Longs would be:

    - Suburban Propane (SPH)
    - Southern Company (SO)
    - Lincoln Electric Holdings (LECO)

    Shorts would be:

    - General Electric (GE)
    - Bank of America (BAC)
    - Macy's (M)
  3. None. Short dollar, long gold.

  4. Close all trading accounts. Most brokers will go bellyup. Your profits and capital will be gone.

  5. First statement is correct!

    2nd one is wrong.

    Therefore, go Long dollar, Short gold
  6. Dogfish


    Depression? Anitdepressant makers
  7. How do you figure?
  8. Long Walmart, P&G or J&J, Disney

    Short american automakers: Ford, Chrysler, GM