What's wrong with US economy..

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    Max E.

    So people should just go out and risk their life saving in order to start businesses out of the goodness of their heart? Regardless of whether or not there is any chance of a gain in it for them?
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    I believe people like YOU are the problem.
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    Who cares why they are doing it as long as they are doing something positive?

    It sure as hell beats rewarding people for having kids out of wedlock and not paying your mortgage.
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    Is not the satisfaction of doing something for this country a form of reward as well?

    What you put forth sounds like the Christian model - doing good for the sake of doing good.

    Is that what you mean?
  5. +1 you beat me to it.
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    Great, I'll help by starting with you. I will be by your house for some cash and take some of that reward off your hands.
  7. Then why did we intervene and bail the banks and insurance companies out? The market would have found bottom and new banks and insurers would have emerged.

    Sure there would have been some pain and suffering but it would have been swift. I'd much rather have a rotting tooth pulled than suffer pain for years and have it take down other good teeth.

    The politicians whose agenda and vote are owned by their corporate donors and lobbyists are the root of the problem. Especially all of the secret deals made with corporations with foreign interests and investors... The politician's actions are border line treasonous.

    Everyone that has any power in the govt wants to retire with their full pensions and pick up a fat consulting contract with the corporate clients whose purse strings they had controlled.
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    Let's Get Serious...

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    :) :) :)
  9. Leftists have no clue why the economy is so screwed up, not even the "brightest minds" that elected Obama. They destroyed the wealth of this nation, and they want to continue taking away people's money. [​IMG]

    It's very easy to see what's wrong with the economy. We have deviated so far from free markets.
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