What's wrong with this statement?

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  1. See if you can spot the inconsistency. What's wrong with this statement:

    "I'm not a birther, but..."
  2. Vanderbilt University Law Professor and Obama supporter Carol Swain: "I think that by not releasing it [the full birth certificate], it makes people much more passionately opposed to the president. Moreover, for a president who was elected on the basis of his personal background, it is troubling that Obama himself would want to withhold such basic information."

    Ruh roh, Raggy!

    Now get to your name calling, Gramps!
  3. And so, you're not a birther, BUT...?
  4. Poor Gabby.
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  6. Hardly. She's essentially explaining why stupid people (birthers) need to be spoon fed. On that point, I agree with her. And here you are, waiting for the next spoon. But since the president has already been vetted, what would be the point in his jumping whenever an inbred says Jump? Further, anyone who is a birther already has a partisan axe to grind and would assuredly not support him regardless of what documents he produces. No amount of scratching or sniffing would satisfy bad haircuts like you to his benefit. And he's already your president. The contest is over. You lost. On the plus side, denying your whiny demands has all the entertainment value of poking you with a stick through your cage.

    Poor bugscoe.
  7. Nice try at saving yourself. Next time use your pea brain before you put your tiny little feet in your big mouth.

    BTW, who vetted Obama, the Supreme Court, the state courts, the election commissions, the attorneys general, the legislature, the DNC the Hawaii Office of Vital Statistics? And if he was vetted then show us the law and/or regulation at federal and state level governments to vet ALL presidential candidates?

    Bigfoot lives!
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    I see the inconsistency, do I need to spell it out for the dim wits?
  9. "it is troubling that Obama himself would want to withhold such basic information."

    That's right folks, Gabby is an admitted birther!
  10. Jem doesn't consider himself to be a birther. But...

    There are others here, too, who are not birthers, but...

    Perhaps you could explain it to them.
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