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    CPI y/y 2.4%
    CPI m/m 0.1%
    CPI Core (Excluding Food and Energy) 2.2% y/y
  2. its called a gov't index....use it as such...completly meaningless

    EX energy, food, rent, insurance , etc ,etc ,etc

    basically they take a basket of stuf they make up and say inflation is 2%...its total BS

    also..for housing portion they use rent ..not ownership..even though were are in the "ownership society"...
  3. It's really easy to call everything BS, but the CPI is probably a pretty good approximation of the inflation level.

    Your personal opinion is usually a bad indicator of where inflation really is because you tend to put more weight on for example products that have sharply risen in value. The picture in the first post is very misleading.
  4. No one wants to call BS?
  5. I don't understand what you mean.
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    Tradingwise, do you work for the Government? I mean is your job to patrol web boards and tell the people they are wrong when they get too close to the truth? Just seems to me beyond coincidence how people pop up on web boards to feed out the BS line and try and shame/humuiliate anybody who disagrees.

    If I said the government lies to the people what would you say?. If I said the financial crisis is not contained what would you say?

    I realise I am thin ice here - too much of this and you get diagnosed as paranoid and put on Thorazine.
  7. Looks like coffee and potatoes are the order of the day.
  8. I would say PROVE IT! People like you keep on pumping these insane ideas without factual basis and pretend these are hard facts. How do you want to prove the official CPI numbers are incorrect by taking a subset of the total CPI basket (food) and of that subset, show only the highest percentage price increases? That's a double bias.

    I find the number of people expressing these paranoid ideas worrying. The same goes for the 911 conspiracy stuff. I find it especially worrying when people don't trust independent statistical agencies anymore. Please keep a clear mind and don't distrust other people (and especially the system) that much. It's there for the good of everybody.

    Why do people think that the US government arranged 911 or to a lesser extend manipulates the CPI numbers? Does the government even have control over the CPI numbers, the statistics agency is independent in the USA right? People need to grow up and get educated.
  9. are you hoping for the new CNBC job to replace Kudlow?
    you miserable lying sack of shit. Your sad apology for the fuckism in the US is truly pathetic.
    So do you actually believe that inflation is close to the Gov. reporting numbers? Is that what you are implying? You must be the dumbest mother fucker on ET, then.....or a lying shill for the establishment!
    I say, the original posted stats are PROOF positive that something stinks to high heavens!

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    Like that is going to happen while they are watching television and surfing the internet and their diet does not nutritionally support their brain.
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