whats wrong with me?

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    A few minutes ago I read about the non passage of the auto bail out. The first thing I thought of was "hell yeah my shorts are the shit".

    Why didnt I think of the guy in Ohio or where ever that is taking back his kids Christmas presents this weekend?

    Say I'm up 20k after the weekend whoo fuckin hoo. How many people are fucked?

    Not that I am for the bail out or that I think its cool for welders to earn over $50 bucks an hour when they are laid off.

    I just cant get over that my first reaction was joy.

    I must really suck.
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    All of us. Dont feel guilty. We are All fucked. Unless you are from another country laughin at the collapse.
  3. your concience took a few minutes to kick in

    the guy running the 50 billion ponzie scheme took decades, 50 billion stolen, and imminent certainty of getting caught to have his kick in

    i think you're ok
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    money has been 'wired transferred' offshore.

  5. Its not your fault they are going to lose their jobs. It managements fault. And those guys are not fucked, yeah some might lose their jobs, but it aint the end of the world. They live in one of the richest countries in the world. Over 60% of the world lives on less than 2 dollars per day and these guys are making what? A minimum of 27 bucks per hour? These guys made more in 1 day than most of the population lives on for 3 months. I gotta say, I dont feel sorry for them, as I know they will bounce back being in a wealthy country like ours. Most people that have never traveled, do not know how blessed they are to live in a country of excess. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for the poor people that live on 2 dollars or less per day. Take some of that 20k and give to those poor people. For like 36 bucks you can buy a goat for a family in zambia or 41 bucks for a pig for a family in uganda. $285 bucks buys a chicken farm!


    It'll relieve some of that guilt and those people appreciate it more than some guy that wouldnt even take a 2 dollar per hour pay-cut to save his company.
  6. would the auto worker in ohio be thinking of you if there was a bailout and you were done 20k ??? no. stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. you made a nice trade,thats what you do for a living,you don't hurt anyone.
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    Thanks guys. I dont want to sound like a bitch but I really do feel bad.

    I think I will look into the goat purchase.

    God bless America

  8. When i work i block it all out. But you mention this i know a couple in their mid 60's who are retired. They live on a small income and the guy told me he had put 36,000 more of their money into GM. He was out of the money and was advised to cost average. To them 20 is a lot of money. If GM goes under they will get hurt. He had showed me a card of his financial adviser and because he is a neighbor(the elderly couple) near my summer home i didn't say anything. The sad part of this is we the traders will get blamed somehow.
  9. donate money to charity
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    Save up a couple million and start a business in africa. Then after its established take whatever money you put it, then give the shareholdings to the workers. Give them a chance for some semblance of economic freedom and give them a chance to feed their family. Maybe even let them have a chance to save money. Then you'll never feel guilty again.
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