What's Wrong with John Kasich?

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  1. He obviously has enough sense to keep his mouth shut, when the other three top contenders are smearing poop all over each other. Donald Trump has even said he's a "big fan" of Gov' Kasich. Seriously- What's not to like about him? What are the facts that say he should be in 4th or 5th place, instead of front runner, or perhaps even tied with Ben Carson for republican nominee?
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    He's bland, supports amnesty, has no plan to combat Offshoring, and has a weird facial tick. Hillary would decimate Kasich.
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    Bland may or may not beat Hillary depending on how much of the mud sticks to her between now and November, but I'd rather have bland sitting in the Oval Office than a lot of other characteristics.
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    It's really sad to see Americans endorse the offshoring of their economy and open borders during a terror war. To combat this, in their mind, is 'extreme'

    The real extremists are the so called "moderates" who have faithfully dismantled this country over the past 40 years. They can all go to hell, in my opinion.

    And btw, the so called moderates like Hillary Rubio Cruz and Carson want to institute no fly zones in Syria, shoot down Russian planes and start ww3.

    Think about it. People support economic cultural and existential suicide. Then call themselves moderate And reasoned. That's why people like me who support trump to the end don't give a fuck about any of these low life cocksuckers. Respectfully
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    Not necessarily. You underestimate the degree of dislike for Hillary combined with the anti- dynasty vote. These democrats could crossover and vote for Kasich whereas they would either just stay home, or grin and bear it and pull the lever for Hillary, if their only choice was Hillary or Trump.

    How does Hillary v. Kasich do in the national polling at this point? I haven't seen any polls pairing these two in a National election, but my guess is that Kasich should beat her handily because of cross-over votes! I think the Republicans better start rethinking their strategy if they want to regain the white House.

    And for that matter, the Democrats should start rethinking their strategy as well. They'd do better with Bernie in my opinion. And again because of crossover vote. But this time it would be the anti-establishment crossover vote. I suppose that means a Bernie v. Kasich vote would be very close. I wonder what the polls say about that match-up.
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  6. Hillary vs. Kasich would be an interesting match up. Interesting to the degree as to just which one of them would win in a very low turnout, which is what would happen IMO.Your guess that Kasich might get some Dem crossover votes is probably correct. Fair chance that Hillary loses in that match.
    Trump won't get much if any crossover vote, none of the minority vote, but I still contend that he doesn't need it if, and it's a big IF, the white vote comes out in mass. If he continues to reach those that have been previously uninspired to vote, and that's damn near half the voting population, he will win hands down against Clinton. Trump vs. Bernie? Now that's the one I want to see. Would be the largest voter turnout ever. Let the crazy train roll.
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    The parties are realigning between establishment and anti-establishment lines. Many Bernie supporters will crossover and support Trump. Many establishment GOP rhinos will crossover and support Hillary. Kasich is just another whatever guy. Whatever guys have run this country into the ground, just because they could win. I suppose winning is all important, but we've had a lot of winners over the past 50 years who have turned America into a loser. So. Maybe its time for all of us to "rethink" our strategy?
  8. last I heard on FOX was Kasich was beating Hillary the most in the polls. But I don't think even Kasich can beat Hillary once the media gets behind her. There are only three people alive that could possibly beat Hillary and one of them is losing badly and the other one hasn't announced.
  9. Kasich is too rational, sympathetic and he doesn't look alpha. Dumb conservatives hate that. They like Trump.
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