What's wrong with IB?

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  1. I funded my account yesterday morning and was not able to trade yesterday. Now, I found out that I can only trade 1 contract today! I talked to IB people and was told that I have to wait till tomorrow to trade more than 1 contract. Never had this kind of rediculous start experience with any other brokers. I hope there won't be any more weired stuff down the road.
  2. I funded my account two days ago as requested by IB. But I am still not allowed to trade now. What's outrageous is that IB won't return the money right now at the excuse of their funds holding period. If any IB employee here, please tell your fund/banking department to return the money immediately if you don't let me trade.
  3. you created an alias to bash IB. You IB bashers are a joke.

    I am sure you will have another broker "suggestion" soon, or at least a shill will come on and suggest Mann or another.

    Amusement on ET during morning coffee is never lacking.

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    I'm willing to bet that the answer you're looking for is in the fine print here: http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/p.php?f=funding
  5. FutureMann,
    IB is notorious for holding customer funds. They held my money for over four months when I closed my account at the excuse of wiring difficulty, and held my Identity Token deposit fee for several years. They tried to make lots of interest from you to feed few IB crowns on this website. The third post of this thread is from one of IB crowns here. It’s IB’s tactic to discredit you here instead of helping you solving the problem.
  6. Ummmm...NO.

    I just enjoy watching the games played.

    Why would you post on ET a problem with IB?

    I have had a couple issues, and never once thought of posting it to ET.

    Let alone creating an alias to post the problem.

    So, I could not resist pointing out the absolute ignorance of the OP.

    And now you jump into the party.

    Choose whatever broker you want, and if they do not treat you right, FIND ANOTHER BROKER.

    Thanks for the coffee time humor.
  7. Consider this a lesson in reading the details before you send someone money.

    How did you deposit the funds? Even a wire transfer can be reversed so why should IB let you trade with funds that could be called back?
  8. Where is your fine print which says customers cannot trade two days after fundiing the account at IB's request? People deposit money in the account is for trading, not for IB to make interest ONLY!
  9. So how did you deposit the funds? Inquiring minds want to know....
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    well i made a test at the beginning of beeing client of IB, because some "clients" said, there was problems with withdraw.
    everything worked perfect.
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