What's wrong with gay marriage?

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  1. Really? I'm trying to think how it will affect my life if 2 fags or dykes get hitched.
    I know several of each. And I can't say they would make any better or worse parents or spouses than the straight people I know.
  2. Nothing wrong with gay marriage as long as the lifestyle is within the age of majority but this lifestyle will be introduced into sex education in school at an earlier and earlier age.

    Your children will be asking questions to gay adults about gay marriage. They will be curious. And of course these gay people feel the need to explain their lifestyle. You do not want your children taught sex except by a trained professional and just because they are gay is not a qualification.

    At what age do you want to educate children regarding gays.
  3. jem


    What is wrong with 1 man and 5 women being married.
    How about if two to 5 college people live together why not call that marriage.

    Why do we need to apply the term marriage to anything but what it applies to?

    When not just create Unions which have the most favored nation status under all our laws.

    Seriously why are we discriminating against polygamy.
    Why not a couple of wives, two cooks, a driver, a mistress, a concubine and a hottie in waiting with the hottie always being substituted in as the one of the others gets retired.

    Why not call that a marriage and give it all the perks.
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    Don't get ahead of yourself. That's next.

    I read the other day that some guy wants to marry his horse. I guess the happy couple could use the extra deductions. I can't wait to see their kids.
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    I'm with you, why change anything? Traditional marriage is just fine the way it's been for thousands years.
  6. I'm not a trained sex professional but I teach my kids what it means to be gay. Usually when they ask because they read about it in the news or hear it on TV or whatever.

    I tell them that being gay doesn't make a person any less or more of a person than you or I.

    Why is it so hard to explain to your shitty kids what it means to be gay?
    I don't get it.
  7. But why can't a gay couple have the same rights as a hetero couple? I don't even know what the difference is as it varies state by state country by country.
    But obviously there's more to it than "why change anything". Clearly the gays feel like they aren't getting a fair shake at the marriage tree.
  8. Leave it to the ET PoliSci major to offer this stupid response.
    Comparing the marriage of two lesbians to the marriage of a man and his horse is preposterous and only a fool would try to compare them.

    How does it affect you, PSPR, if two homosexuals get married?
  9. Polygamy is legal in some places. If that's what you want, then go for it.
    If you put it to a vote, I think you will find it will be voted down with extreme prejudice.

    Why do only heteros get the full benefit of marriage while gays do not?

    And how does it affect you if they get married like you did (or didn't).
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    They are NOT hetero couples, why would we treat them as such?

    Not to me.
    Fuck'em, they're too small a minority to be demanding anything.

    Of all the serious problems facing our nation right now and gay marriage is at the top of our list of things to worry about? No wonder we're going down the toilet.

    It's all moot anyway, the gays and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders have been trying to "normalize" the gay lifestyle for decades now. And they are slowly but surely convincing and mostly wearing down those opposed.
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