what's wrong with ensign ?!? any alternative?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by roadstar4, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. hello there.

    i'm wondering what's wrong here...reviews for this software are incredibly positive,

    but my experience in incredibly negative!

    very nice software, good customer support,
    but charts are always wrong!!

    excellent data feed - i use IB -,

    but continuos huge bad ticks all over the place. that make intraday charts unreadable. it's unbelievable.

    and i only follow 6 symbols. maybe the wrong one...
    i follow globex currency contracts...

    of course, they fix it, they upgrade the software almost everyday. but how good is a software so full of bugs?

    and today, as many other day of this month of my subscription, i can't work...

    anyone knows of any good alternative?

    excluding esignal, because data feed during fast markets is very bad.

  2. Perhaps your data feed is the issue?

    I have no problems - also charting Globex currencies and forex using eSignal feed.
  3. You might try Sierra. Your post is interesting because I am testing Ensign from having used Sierra. Sierra works fine, a few bugs here and there nothing major, but I wanted to try Ensign for the additional tools for only a few bucks more per month. Sierra doesn't have nearly the advance fib tools and otherwise that Ensign has.

    I will chaulk it up to user error, at this point, but Ensign kept sending me price alerts that I didn't set up, dinging noises on every tick?
  4. yes, probably charts are different using different data feed...
    but real time data feed is very good, the problem is with refreshing...
  5. thanks, i will consider Sierra
  6. There is a setting to turn on an audible click which each tick change on your chart. That's probably turned on and is what you're hearing...
  7. Thanks, yeah I figured that out with Ensign Paul's help, but I never set that as a default for a new chart that's why I am confused?

    I like the support at Ensign much better than Sierra so far and they have many more advanced tools, which are fun to try out for only a few bucks more per month.

    That said Sierras' support is pretty good, and the OP may like the it better since Kiwi Trader uses it and had done a number of free improvements for IB data, which I don't use.